E-Lab is a platform that is created to provide scientists a virtual online laboratory where the Data Cube can be explored, standard processing chains can be examined, and new workflows can be tested. Jupyterhub is the underlying framework of the platform. This provides a simplicity for the users to work on the data cube using the popular Jupyter notebook. This is accessible here. Please contact us to gain access to this platform.

Data Cube Access

The Data Cube datasets may be downloaded individually or as a single archive file. Click here to browse the Data Cube FTP service. We also provide an OPeNDAP access to the Data Cube which can be used to remotely access the data from your R and Python code. Please note that the available data is not yet in production state since we are currently still in the beta phase.

Data Analysis Toolkit

The DAT comprises a data ingestion API for the data cube and a rich set of analytical functions to be used in the R and Python code.

Processing Service

This is a service that couples together the Data Cube and the DAT with a viewing layer on top of them. Users can control this feature using a browser to select which data to be processed and which DAT to be used. Jupyter framework will be used as the implementation. A simple demonstration can be seen here. Please contact us for user name and password.

Code Repository

The CAB-LAB code repository hosts the DAT code but is also a place to share and collaborate on common science code developed using the Data Cube and the DAT. In order to collaborate tell us your GitHub name.


Result Publication

Result publication can be done by sharing Jupyter Notebook files in cablab-shared GitHub repository.