The aim is the development of:

  • an “Earth Data Cube”
  • an environment to synergistically tap into the full potentials of ESAs Earth Obsrvations. The Data Cube together with the analysis environment are called the Biosphere-Atmosphere Virtual Laboratory (BAVL).

The list of Earth Observations to be implemented into the BAVL is currently under review. The following Observations have been considered:

Parameter Name
Albedo GlobAlbedo
BRDF GlobAlbedo
Burned area Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED4)
Carbon and dry matter emission Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED4)
Evapotranspiration WACMOS II, GLEAM-WACMOS
Fire hotspot ATSR world fire Atlas
Fractional contributions of various fire types Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED4)
Global Land cover map Landcover-CCI
Gross Primary Production FLUXCOM GPP
Land Surface Temperature DUE GlobTemperature
Sensible Heat FLUXCOM H
Snow Melt and Ground Freeze/Thaw tbd
Soil Moisture CCI Soil Moisture (v 2.0)
Sun induced fluorescence SFI SCIAMACHY
Dynamics of water bodies and wetland extend Various
Snow areal extent Globsnow
Snow water equivalent Globsnow
Precipitation GPCP
Air temperature ERA Interim
Vapour DUE GlobVapour
Ozone Ozone CCI
Aerosols Aerosol CCI
Radiation JAXA
Population distribution LandScan Global Population Database
Night time light emission DMSP-OL
Gross Domestic Product GDP
Human Development Index HDI
Topographic Index HydroSHEDS based on GA2
Climate indices The commonly used climate indices, ENSO, NAO, AO, QBD etc.
Land cover maps CCI Land Cover
Aerosol data CCI Aerosol
Floods Global inundation map
Soil moisture WACMOS soil moisture map

Current status of BAVL Dataset V2

The status of BAVL Dataset V1 is as follows. Provider Created means that a tool has been developed to ingest the original input dataset and to transform it according to the cube specification. The FTP server can be accessed through this URL The THREDDS server is available here The Jupyterhub is available here Please contact us to request for access.

Dataset Name FTP THREDDS Jupyterhub
Albedo yes yes yes
Burned Area yes yes yes
Carbon and Dry Matter Emission yes yes yes
Evaportranspiration yes yes yes
Land Surface Temperature yes yes yes
Soil Moisture yes yes yes
Snow Areal Extent yes yes yes
Snow Water Equivalent yes yes yes
LandFlux (GPP) yes yes yes
LandFlux (H) yes yes yes
LandFlux (LE) yes yes yes
LandFlux(NEE) yes yes yes
LandFlux(TER) yes yes yes
Precipitation yes yes yes
Air Temperature yes yes yes
Vapour yes yes yes
Ozone yes yes yes
Aerosols yes yes yes